Friday, 25 July 2008

Breaking Down about the release of Breaking Dawn?

So, In the UK it is around 9 days and so many hours until the release.
In the US it's around 7 days and so many hours.

Excited? Just a bit!

Loads of people are doing things for the release of Breaking Dawn like parties etc...
I sadly am doing nothing besides rushing to the nearest shop, grabbing a copy and then having an uninterrupted reading session.

So I was wondering are you doing anything for the release and if so what?
And are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Alice. x


Molly said...

Team Edward. :) I think i might be going to some party, like at the local bookstore, but i dont know.

Alice said...

Go Team Edward (:
Cool. Sounds like fun. The bookstore I go to isn't having any kind of party, so i'm just going to party on my own in the coffee shop there while reading the first few chapters of it xD!
I know how to have a good time ;]

Liv said...

I just went to my local bookstore at midnight. It was fun!

Also, I've nominated you for a weblog award. Check out my blog for details. :)