Friday, 25 July 2008

Feast Of Fools

Feast of Fools
Rachel Caine.
(The Morganville Vampires Book Four)

Claire Danvers is a college student who now lives and goes to school in Morganville. Feast of Fools begins with a new vampire addition to Morganville, Mr.Bishop, invading the Glass House where Claire lives with her boyfriend Shane, her Goth friend Eve and vampire Michael, Eve’s boyfriend.
With the arrival of Mr.Bishop, a vampire who doesn’t care for the rules put in place by the founder of Morganville and his daughter, Amelie, the answer to a previous question I asked in the last book review of this series ‘Can Morganville get any more interesting?’ is yes. Yes, it can.

Shortly after his arrival invitations to a masked ball are released and it seems to Claire that everyone in the whole town was invited, both vampire and human, everyone except her. Even Shane is going, but to her annoyance he’s going with someone else, a vampire, one that seems interested in Shane and is playing with his mind.
Claire is still an apprentice of the psycho vampire Myrnin who has been locked into a cage due to his worsened condition. She continues to work on the drug research that can help to cure Myrnin and other vampires who are behind bars. Everyone who Claire cares for is going to the ball, everyone except Myrnin, who then seems like the only person she can rely on for help to save her friends. But relying on a crazy psycho vampire isn’t always the best of ideas, especially when he runs away from you…

Another great instalment to The Morganville Vampires series, full of fast-paced action, twists and turns, a hint of romance, friendship and lots of vampires! The book is full of realistic, believable and contrasting characters that are interesting too learn about. A very entertaining read and once again ends on the almost traditional cliff hanger. This book I read all in one go, finding it hard to put down. Rachel Caine has definitely impressed me with this series so far and I can’t wait for the release of the next instalment ‘Lord of Misrule’ which is due early next year and I intend to check out some other books by her.

Recommended for: Twilight Fans

Rating: 9/10


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