Friday, 25 July 2008

Glass Houses

Glass Houses
Rachel Caine.
(The Morganville Vampires Book One)

Morganville, a place where Vampires rule the streets and once you live there, there’s no moving out. People of Morganville are protected by the Vampires and they even have bracelets to prove it, but some people aren’t. Some people are outcasts and being an outcast in Morganville can be life threatening.

For Claire Danvers, the worst thing about being at college in Morganville is Monica Morrell, the school-pretty who seeks amusement from tormenting her. After Monica attempts to take Claire’s life, involving laundry and a flight of stairs, Claire flees from the college dorms in search of a place to stay, which is when she discovers The Glass House.
There she meets three strange inhabitants, each with a story to tell. Eve, the Goth girl, is the first to invite Claire in and forms a friendly relationship with Claire. Shane is the lazy, good-looking guy of the house who Claire falls for. And then there’s Michael, the mysterious, guitar playing guy who tends to just vanish before the sun comes up.
The book follows Claire Danvers as she makes friends with these three inhabitants of the Glass House and learns what it means to live in Morganville unprotected. Vampires are out to get her, but can she stay safe when her friends are all she has?

I loved this book – definitely my second favourite series.
When I first purchased it I didn’t know what to expect, from the front cover of the version I bought I thought ‘some strange story about college students and a haunted house’, but what I liked the whole concept of Morganville being ran by vampires.
I loved some of the characters Rachel Caine has created, including my favourite – Eve, who has a very strong character and comes across as a Lion of the house compared to Claire who is more like the Lamb. Another favourite is Michael who just tends to disappear and is very mysterious, I enjoyed reading about him and finding out about what it is exactly he does do in the day.
All in all I think it is a well written first book of the series and I love how things are quite fast-paced. Full of action, a bit of romance and ending on a seriously tense cliff-hanger which leaves you wanting more!

Recommended For: Twilight Fans

Advice: You may want to buy the second book at the same time, because with a cliff-hanger like this one you might be climbing the walls for the next book.

Rating: 9/10

Alice. x

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