Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Host

The Host
Stephenie Meyer.

The world has been invaded. Human have became Hosts to the invaders, their minds being taken over and their bodies being inhabited by the invading ‘Souls’ that take over the mind and erase personality.Some humans hide away from the invaders, but most are captured.
Wanderer is a soul.
Melanie is a human.
What happens when both their paths cross and become one?

The story begins with Melanie, after being captured, having a Soul implanted that goes by the name ‘Wanderer’. Wanderer is well-known for her success of being implanted in creatures of other planets, but a human is a very different experience for her. Although, she was never expecting the Host body she was being placed into to be so resistant of fading away.
Melanie fills Wanderers mind with memories of the man she loves – Jared, a human that is hiding that Wanderer is supposed to track down. Wanderer begins to fall in love with a man that is only in Melanie’s memories and although they are enemies, they begin to get over their hate for each other to set off on a dangerous search for the man they both love.
But when they find Jared, will he believe Wanderer that Melanie is still there? And what about Ian, who loves Wanderer but not Melanie? Will both soul and human be happy? This tale of two minds in one body is full of adventure, love, power and hope and is bound to capture the interest of many readers.

When I first got this book, I was unsure of what to expect. The blurb was appealing and I loved the front cover, but I hadn’t ever read much from the Science-fiction genre. This book is interesting and full of imagination. I love the whole concept of the book and the way it is written in Wanderers Point of view so you can feel more connected to the character.
The only problem I had was getting into the book at the beginning. It took around two chapters for me to get into the whole concept, but once I understood I found it one of the most interesting and inventive stories I’ve read.
Whilst reading I was torn between both Melanie and Wanderer. I remember at one point I wanted Melanie to disappear and leave Wanderer alone. But then I wanted Melanie to have her body and mind back and for Wanderer to leave her. I was indecisive most of the time, but I loved the way it was two different contrasting characters trapped in one body.
The book kept me intrigued until the final pages where I was satisfied with the story, but I can’t help but want to know more of this strange world of souls. If there ever is a sequel, I’ll definitely read it.

Advice: If you like Science-Fiction then read it. If you don’t like Science-Fiction then read it anyway!

Rated: 9/10

Alice. x

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